Research Forum

Research forum creates ‘light bulb moments’ in Perth

4 May 2018

The Road Safety Commission in WA made the most of Friday’s National Road Safety Week theme, “Shine a light on road safety”, by putting research in the spotlight.

Road safety researchers and practitioners gathered to share ‘light bulb moments’ insights and identify practical actions that will benefit road safety in WA in the long term.

“Not only has it been an honour and a privilege to be at this forum, it’s also been an eye-opener,” said facilitator and former Chief Scientist of WA Professor Lyn Beazley.

“I thought I knew a fair bit about road safety in this state, but I’ve been so excited to hear how the very best researchers are beginning to address questions that we really need to answer to make the roads safer.”

Forum delegates were presented with some of the road safety research undertaken over the last five years, that identify the risks associated with road trauma in WA, and solutions to those risks.

Curtin-Monash Accident Research Centre (C-MARC) researchers presented the findings of research papers focused on:

  • Run off road crashes
  • Metropolitan intersection crashes
  • Illicit drugs and driving
  • The effect of alcohol availability on road crashes; and
  • Fatigue

 The forum also looked to the future with panel sessions on emerging road safety issues including speed management, autonomous vehicles and the future for road safety in WA.
The Forum was convened by the Road Safety Research Review Committee, established by the Road Safety Council late last year, to enable cross-collaboration across government to identify and prioritise road safety research for WA.

“Research is very important as it informs and identifies everything that we need to do to improve road safety in Western Australia,” said Acting Road Safety Commissioner Iain Cameron.

“To translate research into action, we need to be able to communicate and engage with the implementing agencies, so by bringing a cross section of people together we’ll get better safety outcomes on our roads.”

Louise Nealon